The Medipsy approach in 4 easy steps


By phone: 514-419-3005, fax: 514-507-2009, or email: We will ask you the following:

  • Do you know what kind of services you are seeking?
  • Have you been previously evaluated?
  • Who referred you?
  • What is your availability (dates and time)?
  • In what language do you want services (English or French)?

One of our professionals will call you directly to set up an appointment and explain the procedures. 

If you have already completed an assessment at another clinic, it is not necessary to complete another evaluation at Medipsy to have access to our services. If that is your case, please mention that you have already been assessed when you call the Clinic for an appointment. A professional will return your call and schedule a consultation that will aim to explain, if necessary, the conclusions of the assessment you have completed with another professional. This consultation will also aim to discuss how these recommendations can be translated into an intervention program, and to present the various services and options that may be available to you.


The Medipsy approach begins with an evaluation by a specialist in brain functioning: a neuropsychologist.  A neuropsychologist is trained to administer tests to determine what is wrong and to evaluate the strengths and challenges in how your brain functions. The results of the neuropsychological assessment will be used to design specific and time saving/cost effective interventions.

The ADHD assessment is a specialized evaluation. It contains the following:

  • An interview session to evaluate your life context, strengths and challenges 
  • A testing session(s) to assess how your brain functions
  • A feedback session to make sure that you understand the test results and recommendations

*NOTE: During the evaluation, the neuropsychologist may see that your tests suggest a different problem instead of - or in addition to - ADHD.  At that point, he or she may recommend that you do a more comprehensive evaluation to expand the scope of the assessment.  He or she will answer all your questions and collaborate with you in deciding, but the decision will always be yours. 

Again, please note that if you have already completed an assessment at another clinic, it is not necessary to complete another evaluation to have access to our services. In this case, please mention that you have already been assessed when you call the Clinic. A professional will then call you to schedule a consultation; this consultation aims to explain, if necessary, the conclusions of the assessment you have completed with another professional, to discuss how these recommendations can be translated into an intervention program, and to present the various services and options that may be available to you.


At the end of the evaluation, you will have the recommendations of the neuropsychologist. If you choose Medipsy for help in following these recommendations, we will pair you with a Personal Case Assistant.  

This Personal Case Assistant is the person responsible for:

  • Translating the neuropsychological evaluation into a manageable treatment plan 
  • Helping you decide the most important place(s) to focus your efforts
  • Guiding you in choosing a qualified professional(s) with the right expertise for your plan 
  • Keeping in touch with you to make sure that you are making good progress and are satisfied with your treatment provider
  • Liaising with your physician if medication is required

Our Personal Case Assistants can also work with evaluations done by a qualified professional outside Medipsy.


Your Personal Case Assistant will connect you, if needed, with a qualified coach, psychotherapist (individual, couple, or family), or vocational counsellor who will work with you on your personal treatment plan.


  • Increases your level of organization and teaches good time management skills
  • Increases your ability to initiate and complete tasks  
  • Improves your working memory using structure and routines
  • Provides the support and structure needed to accomplish your goals
  • Builds self-awareness for effective decision making
  • Enhances communication and problem solving skills
  • Deepens your resilience in the face of setbacks

Vocational Counselling

  • Identifies vocational and/or educational choices that are a good fit with ADHD and with your interests and skills
  • Re-orients a career path to take into account ADHD issues  
  • Supports initiating and carrying out job searches  
  • Identifies and addresses workplace issues and their relationship to ADHD
  • Advocates for workplace or educational accommodations


  • Treats conditions that sometimes go with ADHD, such as anxiety or depression  
  • Helps clients to make ADHD-friendly choices in family and relationships
  • Improves communication and listening skills
  • Helps client deal with stress using mindfulness and relaxation strategies

A few videos to help you find your way


Medipsy also offers other services to children, adolescents, and adults, for individuals, couples and families, including psychological assessments, neuropsychological assessments, psychotherapy, and more. 


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